How To Make Your Website Attractive?

In the 21st century, where the whole world has moved to digitalization, businesses in Canada are also moving toward the digital field. A businessman knows how to attract his customers. A good business presentation is always more vulnerable to gaining potential customers. In the virtual world, the whole business presentation is about how your website looks.

There are billions of websites available online which run their business. In the long run, you have to make your place. A well-lighted website is always highlighted by Google so that the customers can view it. A well-designed website is more impactful on the customers. There are multiple tips and tricks you can use to enhance your website.

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Tips To Make Your Website Attractive

 There are multiple ways you can use to make your website attractive. Some of the top-rated, most effective methods are given below:

  • A Catchy Domain
  • Easy To Go Through
  • Avoid Overloading Images
  • Keep Your Website Updated
  • A Detailed Introduction
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Enhanced Features
  • Brand Color Alienation
  • A Responsive Website
A Catchy Domain

Your first interaction with your customer is your domain name. Your domain name should be catchy enough to develop a relationship with your customer. Preferably a domain name should be consistent with your business name or the services you provide. Let’s consider CDRM Solution INC. as a digital marketing website; its domain name is The domain name has only a small part of the full name, and when you go to the further insights, there is an extension in the domain name. If you go to the blog page of CDRM, the domain name is

Easy To Go Through

A website should always be customer friendly. It should be clear with a good catchy theme. Your top services should always be in front. A website on which the customer must go through multiple web pages to reach the services always loses its audience in the procedure. Tangling in web pages is always a bad experience. A website should always be clear with service icons on the front. Never forget to add your contact information to your website so the customer can directly contact you.

Avoid Overloading Images

There is a myth that more images make websites more attractive. Let’s rephrase the thought; quality images make your websites more attractive. Try to use your original images. Original services images develop a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers. Images are a dashboard to your services.

Keep Your Website Updated 

The websites comprise a section known as blogs. Blogs are an integral part of your website. People might visit your website to find out the new trends. It is mandatory to keep your website updated with new blogs. If you do not update blogs, your website will be outdated and filled with irrelevant information.

A Detailed Introduction

Your website has all the information for your services, yet the potential customers might be interested to know the aims and all other achievements you have made in history. They might also be interested in the work you have done before. A catchy About Us can help you grab your customers. A well-described About Us page develops the trust of your customers.

SEO Optimisation

If you have already owned a website and keep putting content on it, you might know about SEO. SEO is the key to grabbing customers. You should do proper SEO for your content so that more customers find you.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is the most used nowadays. People spend most of their time on various social media platforms. Run a good social media campaign, including multiple forms of advertisement. More advertising helps you gain more customers.

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Enhanced Features

Your website should not be a sales website. It should come with some enhanced features which upgrade your website. You should create a blog page that you should update regularly. Add testimonials to your website. Maintain your image gallery with the services you provide. Your customers would love to see how you work. If convenient, you can also go for a video gallery to bring customers closer to you.

Brand Color Alienation


While designing a website, never forget to align your color scheme with your logo and brand’s main theme. Colors are meaningful with a high-level impact on your viewers. To keep your brand consistent, use three to four colors regularly. Consistent color is great to go for a positive impact on customers.

A Responsive Website

 Your website should always be responsive to your customers so that they know you are interested in providing them with your services. Always be active on your service channels, such as email address and phone number. You can also use social media channels to be connected to your potential customers and finalize some of your most profitable sales.

Where To GO


You live in Canada and run a website but are a bit confused about how to engage more customers by following the above-given tips and tricks. There are multiple website development companies in Vancouver. CDRM is one of the top trending agencies. You can contact them if you need any kind of help in regards to website development. They can work to create your website and enhance it by applying suitable tricks which make an increase in your sales.


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