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Most frequent Real answer short questions

At CDRM Solutions Inc we have the capacity to develop Apps for Android and iOS platforms. We also develop Hybrid Apps which are optimized to function on both iOS and Android platforms.

Yes, we do develop ecommerce catalogue websites integrating it with full functions for your online business to run optimally.

ReactNative is one of the technologies for developing cross-platform or Hybrid Apps. We have a team of experts in ReactNative to take up design and development of cross-platform apps.

For Social Media Marketing we undertake content creation, posting and promotion of the content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. We can also manage advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

At CDRM Solutions Inc, keyword research and analysis are an integral part of our Search Engine Marketing services. We do intensive keyword research vis-à-vis the market, competitors and related keywords to your product, service and industry casting a wider marketing net.

Our research team is competent with relevant local vehicles to give your brand social mileage by spotting local yet relevant business directories, listings, forums for boosting your digital presence in your local business market. We design and implement rewarding local SEO plans.

We have executed many projects involving integration of WordPress e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce, MemberPress, BigCommerce, Easy Digital Download and Shopify.

User Experience and User Interface are the hallmarks of the website design process undertaken at CDRM Solutions Inc. We ensure that these two elements are an integral part of the website design, as they add definitive value to your website design and development.

We help our clients with intelligent database management systems leveraging the technologies such as Power BI Microsoft Azure SQL for managing databases on cloud, and Sharepoint consulting among other best technologies and practices for efficient database management.

SharePoint Consulting is one of our core competencies. We provide SharePoint consulting services to streamline the data storage, retrieval, and exchange process. Such a data exchange process quickens the pace of decision making. It also enables decision taking to be rewarding for businesses.

We help companies leverage by deploying the power of Artificial Intelligence by integrating superior data management processes within the organization. AI driven Data Management helps access most relevant data quickly enabling better decision making resulting in better outcomes. CDRM Solutions Inc also leverages AI in providing world-class staffing and training services to clients by intelligently mapping their needs and profiles of professionals shortlisted.

CDRM Solutions Inc staffing and training services are different from the rest in Vancouver, Canada in having a large team of specialists in Human Resource Management. Secondly, CDRM Solutions Inc deploys Artificial Intelligence in analysing, mapping, and devising tailored solutions catering to the specific needs of the clients. CDRM Solutions Inc believes in quality rather than in quantity.

Contacting CDRM Solutions Inc is easy. We are reachable by phone at and by email at at +1 (604) 783-4003