Benefits of E-Commerce Website

What Is E-Commerce Website

 We are living in a digital world. In this era, it is considered that if a person is not online, he does not exist in the world. The whole world has now moved to vitality. The business industry moves according to the direction of potential customers. An emerging virtual audience moved the major business brands to stable their businesses virtually. The companies developed their e-commerce website and boosted their business growth. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites and is known as the pioneer of the virtual business world.

What Is An ECommerce Website

 Their eCommerce website acts as a virtual retail store. The e-commerce store is the place where buyers and sellers lock their deals. The thought of moving the stores to a virtual platform is to eliminate the need for a specific location. The sellers can contact buyers from the whole globe and hence have more exposure to expand their business. The hassle of selling and buying is packed up in a few clicks. More precisely we can define an e-commerce website as a platform where all the transactions are done through the internet.

eCommerce Business Schemes

 The eCommerce websites are not limited. They come with a wide range of usage. Here you go with the services you can offer through an eCommerce Website.

  • You can settle the eCommerce websites offering a direct sales relationship with their customers and work in the form of retail shops.
  • You can work as a wholesaler and provide products to customers in bulk.
  • eCommerce websites can also work on dropshipping models. In this format, you can directly sell the products to buyers but deliver them through a third party.
  • If you are skilled, bingo eCommerce website can also help you here. You can offer your services online. For example, CDRM Solution INC. is an online marketing firm in Vancouver that offers its clients its marketing services through the eCommerce website. They also provide their services for mobile app development in Vancouver.
  • You can offer subscriptions through an eCommerce website. For example, CDRM is a website for a digital marketing company in Vancouver that aims to provide multiple software subscriptions, such as construction software.
  • You can also share some digital things like music and movies with an eCommerce website. Amazon prime video and Netflix are earning through digital product selling.

Types Of E-Commerce Website

eCommerce websites are divided into multiple types based on their work structure. The types are listed in breaking down electronic transactions.

Consumer To Administration:

 This type of e-Commerce website is referred to as a C2A website. This type of website is allowed to build good or tax sharing between consumers and the administration. Tax payment and ticket booths are examples of websites.

Consumer To Consumer: 

C2C sites build a relationship with the customers. Both the parties are consumers. Etsy and eBay are examples of such websites. 

Consumer To Business:

These websites are mostly known as the C2B websites. These websites are a collaboration between the customer and the business. A major example of such a website is a digital marketing website. CDRM is a website in Canada that offers SEO in Vancouver.

Business To Consumer:

Business-to-consumer websites are referred to as B2C websites. With these websites, one can directly transfer their goods to the consumers. Amazon is one of the top B2C websites.

 Business To Administration:

 B2A is a website that offers electronic exchanges between a company and the administration. Web portals and public institution websites are the most used examples of B2A websites.

 Business To Business:

B2B websites are mostly designed to crack a deal between two businesses. The website can provide wholesale products to a retailer website to manage a unique sales process.

Procedure To Build An eCommerce Website

There is no bad in building an eCommerce website. It would only act as a boost to your business and provide exposure. There are multiple ways to build a website. You can use free website development software, but it is always better to choose professional help. If you think it is a hard job, do not worry. We are here to help. CDRM Solutions INC. is one of the most famous website agencies in Vancouver which can help you build a professional, trustworthy eCommerce website.

What We Offer

With an increase in the virtual world of eCommerce websites. It is very important to make your website look trustworthy. Your trustworthy website will grab more customers. We add a few features to your website to make it more attractive.

Accept Orders

Your website should come with easy, convenient ways to accept orders. There should be an easy insertion of information with a clear form with mentioned quantity and the variety of products.

Payment Details

You should give multiple payment options on your website for the ease of customers. There should be secure and authenticated payment detail input. A multi-step authentication provides a certain payment feel.

Shipping Service And Customer Service

Your shipping dates and delivery dates should be visible on the website, secured by a special shipping code that allows the customer to visit all the details. Never forget to reply to your customers and wipe off all their concerns. The traditional or virtual business has the rule to keep the customers on top.

Content Of Website

As one of the famous website development surrey, we create quality content on your website. Good content is an assurance of your quality.


Always put the original photos of your products. The photos should be clicked with accurate angles and should be clear enough. Customers mostly buy by seeing the images. If there is even a slight difference between the image and the original product, it directly affects the seller’s image.


A clear description is an integral part of the product. Mention all the necessary specifications of your product. Consider your eCommerce website tends to sell laptops. In this case, it is integral to add details like RAM, type, display, and other specifications. The product description should be clear enough that it feels like the customer is using the thing and testing it.

 Prices And Policy

Never forget to write clear prices for the product while enlisting them. If you present well and provide high-end features, people will be ready to pay you high prices. Policies should always be clear enough, so there is no conflict later. The policies include exchange, return and warranty rules and conditions.

Your Launch Our Support

CDRM Solutions INC. is one of the marketing agencies in Vancouver which take an interest in building, launching, and running your eCommerce website as of their interest. Our interest is the assurance of quality. We develop and optimize your website to take your business to new heights and make it profitable.

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