E-commerce Website Development Vancouver

Tailored E-commerce Development for Your Business

Professional E-commerce Web Development in Vancouver

Everything is getting online, and an e-commerce website can get you a large audience base for your products and services. CDRM will help you build your business’s e-commerce presence with streamlined web development services.

We offer an extensive range of e-commerce development services, from e-commerce consulting to platform-based web development, to meet your needs. Being a professional IT company in Vancouver, we have a team of professionals with expertise in developing productive online shopping platforms for your business.

Why CDRM Solutions for E-commerce Development?

The site layout is the most important part of an e-commerce website as it directly affects the customer experience. From banners to product menus, we take care of every element, creating a well-organized site layout for your business.

It will help your customers to navigate products, shopping carts, and other services easily, getting you the best results.

Every business has a different product mix that may require a tailored dashboard for better accessibility. CDRM experts will build a fully customized admin panel equipped with the necessary tools required to add products and analyze the website performance.

Whether you want SEO tools or a content editor, we can create a dedicated dashboard with everything you need.

An e-commerce website becomes more accessible when it features useful plugins and APIs. Thus, we craft your website with all the essential integrations to elevate the customer experience.

For instance, we significantly add multiple payment options and make you accept payment with ease. Your customers will have access to Debit/Credit card transactions, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and any payment option of your choice.

Online presence demands streamlined security to keep the data secure from cybercriminals. Especially if you’re looking for an e-commerce store, web security becomes more important for you and your customers.

We implement multiple layers of foolproof security, including SSL, spam protection, and fraud safety. Along with that, our experts can build a security model with 2-factor authentication to double up the security.

Our E-Commerce Development Services Reflect Our Professionalism

Full Stack E-Commerce Development

Although dedicatedly handling the front and back-end of websites, our approach is beyond a single service. We offer full-stack e-commerce development optimizing its front and back-end with new-gen frameworks. Our experts use the latest frameworks such AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, and Meteor for the front end, while we have access to C++, NodeJS, Python, and .NET, for scalable back-end development.

Mobile App Development

Mobile-First development is the most productive trendsetter when it comes to e-commerce stores. Not only does it help in improving user experience, but also improves the SEO of your online shopping site. We build engaging and highly functional mobile apps using technologies such as Blockchain, AI, AWS, and more. Whether it's B2B or B2C e-commerce app, our experts take care of web security and user experience during the development.

E-Commerce Migration

Already have an e-commerce store but with a lot of hindrances? Don't worry! CDRM experts will help you migrate your existing e-commerce website to a scalable and efficient architecture. We transfer all the data while ensuring similar content and integrations. Whether we talk about reviews, products, or customers, you will experience an improved and scalable version of the existing elements of your website.

E-Commerce SEO

At CDRM Solutions, we optimize your website thoroughly to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). E-commerce SEO will allow your website to be more visible to your targeted customers, aiding lead generation and sales. Our e-commerce SEO includes off-page/on-page SEO content improvement, schema implementation, link building, and conversion rate optimization.

E-Commerce Audit

It's always a great idea to build a checklist and test everything to ensure expected performance. CDRM experts conduct a thorough e-commerce audit in which we inspect websites to figure out code defects, UX issues, and other bugs. After the audit, we fix all the problems on our checklist and make your e-commerce website run as smoothly as you expect.

Professional e-commerce development starts with experienced developers! With over 10 years of experience, CDRM becomes a ‘One-Stop’ solution for e-commerce website development services. Register yourself and get a call back from CDRM professionals.