How TO Grow Traffic On Your Website Using SEO

Digital Marketing Survey has shown that the most famous business companies have gone digital. Whenever we ask a business person about the best thing he can experience, he would say more customer exposure. Using this businessman term in e-commerce and website business means having more clicks and views on the web page. There are multiple methods to increase the traffic on a website, but this article aims to tell you how to grow traffic on your website using SEO.

 What Is SEO

 Whatever you do to your website to increase the traffic is useless until you make the website discoverable and visible to your potential customers. Let’s make it easier for you; you need some specific strategies that might help your page rank at the top by search engines. The websites and their content is properly examined by the Google algorithm, which does not have a proper explanation. SEO becomes a lifesaver in such situations. If you want to rank your website, get SEO for your website. If you live in Canada, there are multiple digital marketing companies in Vancouver, but CDRM is on the top of the list known to do the website development in Vancouver.

Types Of SEO

 Based on procedures, basic SEO is divided into the following two types:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO can be defined as all the steps from content creation to keyword allocation to all the jobs you do on the website to get it ranked. Off-Page SEO is all about creating backlinks.

SEO Strategies

 Combining both On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO results in multiple strategies that help you rank your website. Here is a detailed view of some of the top SEO strategies.

 Keyword Strategy

 When you are working on an eCommerce website, you get a chance to grab the customer by using specific customer-friendly content. The content on a website needs to have some pro allocation of keywords to get ranked. A keyword is a word a person uses to search for some specific results on Google or Bing. The use of exact keywords brings you into the eye of both the customer and the Google algorithm. It grabs all kinds of audiences, one who just want to do some research and those who have come to make a purchase.

Short-Tail Keywords

 A short-tail keyword is the one that directly indicates the business you run. Just for example, CDRM is a Digital Marketing agency in Vancouver, if its content contains the keyword website agency and someone searches with this keyword would result in website ranking. This is called a short tail keyword and should be allocated in the titles or tags to give the right traffic to your website.

Long-Tail Keywords

 Long-tail keywords are in the form of phrases and sentences. These are mostly the questions asked or the phrases used by search engine users. A user might use the phrase how to do search engine optimization. This does not refer to a particular agency, but the customer will land on your website if you have used this phrase as a keyword in your web content. The long-tail keywords are customer-grabbing and a cause to increase your website traffic.

Keyword Research

 You cannot reach the correct number of traffic without a precise keyword allocation. Before you initiate the SEO tactics, it is important to know how to find the keyword and allocate it organically. At this stage, it might look hard to do, but with correct tools like Ahref, you can get organic keywords.

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Website Optimization

 After you have done all the keyword research according to your topic and made your content ready, it is time to optimize your website using SEO tricks. There are six more steps you need to take.

Tags And Titles

 Using the correct title tag is the second important thing after keyword research. The title tag is the word that appears on your web tab. It should preferably come with a main keyword referred to as a short-tail keyword above. Title tags make your content more attractive and viewer-grabbing.

Header Tags

 The header tag is closely related to the title tags. It appears at the top of the web page. The headers are integral for Google and should have an H1-H6 text format for a distinctive appearance.

Page Copy

 Page copy is done by using the short-tail keywords in the full content. The keyword allocation should be wise. It is never a good idea to stuff the keywords in the range. Google is smart enough to detect the keywords even if used in very small quantities. Always insert the keywords organically to look human-generated and do not resemble the AI content. Human content is always more attractive to customers. Your copy should always go fluently, even if you put keywords.

URL Structure

 A URL structure is a cause to highlight the topic of your content. While composing the URL, you have to add some hyphens, preferably with your main keyword. A combination of lowercase and uppercase letter makes the keyword more highlighted.


 SEO also depends upon Google image search. Naming the images, you use according to the main keyword goes great to enhance the traffic. Tagging the images also performs the job.

Meta Description

 The meta description is also an important way to rank your website and grab customers. It is the text that appears on the front page under the link. It should always be a summary of your article, so the person knows that you have the solution to their problem.

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Quality Rank able Content

 Quality content with SEO done is like peanut butter with bread. Always put new content on your website which goes great to maintain your ranked website. Keep on putting blogs with combined keywords. Add some testimonials and landing pages to give a proper shape to your website.

A properly done SEO can serve as a booster to your business if you live in Canada and want to develop a website for business or get SEO done to your old website; contact CDRM, the best search engine optimization service in Vancouver.