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Digital Branding is the best way, when it comes to occupying the desired spot in the customers’ minds. It’s a new-gen branding technique designed to grow your business over various digital mediums. Whether you talk about social media or internet-based devices, it will develop your brand everywhere online.

CDRM Solutions come up as the industry’s leading digital branding agency following the most effective branding positioning strategies. With our 10 years of expertise, we will guide you to choose a perfect branding strategy from options such as price-based, convenience-based, and quality-based branding. 

Digital branding features an effective step-by-step procedure that enables you to reach the targeted audience. Fortunately, you have CDRM as a professional companion to guide you at every step throughout the process.

Here’s how we do it!

7 Steps to Digital Branding for Your Business

Logo Design

Every branding technique, especially digital branding, starts with logo designing. The reason is the logo is something that your customers see at the first interaction. Thus, we offer five different types of logo designing services, including abstracts, emblems, and 2D/3D logos. CDRM experts will design versatile logos and provide them in almost every format for your convenience.

Brand Messaging

Now, you have an interactive and highly professional logo. But how will your customer know what you're offering? Let's help you with an engaging brand message that answers all the questions your customers may ask. At CDRM Solutions, we consider factors like brand principles, product positioning, and target audience and guide you in crafting the right message for your customers.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the way how you represent the unique products or services of your business. Also, you can consider the way how you highlight the things that make your business stand out among competitors. CDRM experts will drill down what makes your business unique by matching its capabilities with the customer's needs. We showcase the strengths of your business in a way that they can engage the targeted audience.

Brand Voice

Like brand positioning, brand voice is another way to communicate with customers for a business. But the approach is beyond just representing the strengths. Brand voice adheres to touch points and boosts customer interaction. We create a professional but friendly business voice for your firm to make its positive image in customers' minds. From choosing the right words to developing fluid content, we take care of everything that makes your brand voice almost lyrical.

Style Guide and Typography

Branding is not a single-day strategy and requires input from every stakeholder of your business. Looking at the several things to consider, a style guide is necessary to help your stakeholders in following the guidelines. CDRM experts build a detailed style guide including brand voice, messaging, design principles, and typography for better clarity. It will give an expanded view of the tone of messaging, editorial standards, and everything required to implement the branding strategy.

Social Media Branding

Social media is a perfect platform to implement your branding strategies. However, businesses struggle as every channel demand different type of content for expected results. That's where CDRM Solutions come into the picture with its keen knowledge of social media branding. Whether it's Twitter or Instagram, we will help you build a positive image on every social media network without compromising the integrity of your business.

Testing and Adjustments

Digital marketing experience dynamically changing environments and keep introducing new trends. It’s always a great idea to test your digital branding in every scenario and make necessary adjustments. Being an experience branding agency Vancouver, CDRM knows this tests various elements of your strategy, including email subject lines, CTAs, placement of buttons, and more. We address the results obtained from testing and make necessary adjustments to ensure consistency.

7 Steps to Digital Branding for Your Business

If you’re looking to build a positive interaction with your customers, CDRM Solutions can help you with its professional digital branding services. Thanks to our team of professionals, we are capable of helping you at every step, from logo designing to testing. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started with the digital branding of your innovative business.