What makes a website effective?


One of the best traits of developing a website revolves around the ease of access in finding the same. It has been noted that the major companies around the globe have prioritised “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO). On the other hand, the development of a website needs to be on the basis of making it “mobile-friendly”, organised and easy to navigate. In addition to this, a periodical review needs to be adopted for making the website “up to date” and more relevant. The majority of the websites are dedicated the potential customers who use online browsing for knowing more about a certain product to service. Thus, the effectiveness of a website needs to be customer oriented as well as focusing on the technical is for making it more relevant and worth visiting. Considering a website to be developed at Surrey in British Columbia (BC), the website needs to include certain keywords for making it more relevant in terms of the SEO applied in the website.

Adopting a “mobile-friendly” approach

The website to be developed in Surrey needs to be adopting a “mobile-friendly” approach to ensure maximum impact. It has been noted that there is an estimated number of 35.93 million mobile internet uses in Canada at present. This denotes that the website needs to be developed, keeping in mind this plethora of users preferring the mobile version of the sites. Hence, the website should allow easy access from desktop to mobile version for the user to be able to read the content without any inconvenience. A negative mobile user experience can also affect the potential of the website in search engine rankings adversely.

Assessing the most appropriate domain

The website needs to be developed in a relevant way that matches the concept of the business in any manner. A major approach can be having multiple domains for a single website. The context of SEO needs to be based on using relevant keywords on the basis of research, paid promotions and content marketing among other technicalities. Considering Surrey to be the place of website development, the relevant keywords need to be encompassing the areas of British Columbia and other relevant content to feature on a high level within the SEO implemented. This can be done with an active and thorough research on the population demographics of British Columbia, especially Surrey.

Making sure the site is fast enough

A website needs to be developed on the basis of optimal speed in terms of loading. It is highly unlikely that the user is going to wait too long for the website to be loaded fully. Hence, the development of a website in Surrey needs to follow a similar process. Additionally, it has been identified that around ¼ of the people of Canada spend an average of 3-4 hours on the internet. This indicates that the website loading time needs to be optimised. With a 99.1% internet penetration rate, an optimised loading speed of the website can be effective in the context of Surrey.

Doing the research in a proper way

What are the major States of an effective website being developed lies in the research that is conducted before initiation. For instance, a popular search engine such as Google has identified the most searched word in Canada to be “weather”. This reveals that the website can receive maximum efficiency with the strategic usage of the most searched keywords according to the area. This requires a proper form of research being conducted before developing the website in Surrey.


With British Columbia having a high proportion of 94% of the inhabitants being active internet users, the website development in this region can turn out to be highly effective. There is another interesting fact regarding internet usage of the people of Canada, the most popular social media site being “Facebook”. This also indicates that the website needs to have fair share of social media coverage regarding the active social media platform mentioned. This can be an active benefit for the website to be developed in the mentioned geographical area, considering the social economic and internet usage trends observed in the region. Thus, the website can have the potential of redirecting a fair share of traffic by implementing such procedures in an adroit manner.