WordPress Plugin Customisation

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that lets you add features to your website. WordPress’ default functionality can often be extended with plugins so that users can customise their sites to suit their specific needs.

Our team of professionals at CDRM will customise existing or new WordPress themes according to your business and marketing needs. Our WordPress development services include WordPress theme installation, WordPress plugin customisation, and WordPress plugin code customisation.

Affordable WordPress Plugin Customisation Service

CDRM is here to help you customise your WordPress plugin to fit your business needs. Our WordPress plugin customisation service is available for all small, medium, and large corporations at affordable prices and a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Check out below what features your website will enjoy through our WordPress plugin customisation service.

Flexible And Smart Website

WordPress provides its users with a range of features, but these features aren’t suitable for all websites. Each website has its own requirements, and for this, customised plugins are required to make the design flexible and intelligent. With our WordPress customisation service, we ensure that we provide our customers with what they actually need.

Improved Functionality of Website

We add Improved Functionality to your WordPress site. You will be able to incorporate design-related functionalities and elements more easily. With our plugin customization service, we have helped hundreds of clients include almost anything on their websites creatively and aesthetically.

Custom Plugin Generation

You may, however, not be able to find a plugin that fits your needs or you may simply wish to develop your own. CDRM’s expert WordPress developers are efficient in developing new plugins based on your business requirements

That’s great news for you. It’s significantly easier to create a WordPress plugin than you might think. The process of creating a plugin only requires a few lines of code, and little prior programming experience or knowledge is required.

Upgrading Old Plugins

Staying current with the latest WordPress updates requires upgrading and plugin customization. Updating a program fixes a glitch or bug, enabling it to function at its highest level and achieve its purpose. The updated software will have new features and functions that will make your website more useful. In order to enjoy the full functionality, it is recommended that you install the latest WordPress plugin or theme.

Effective Plugin Integration

We make sure that our plugins are fully compatible with the latest WordPress versions. It can be daunting for site owners to find just the right plugins to enhance their WordPress websites with over 50,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, not to mention thousands more on third-party websites.

SEO Based plugin Integration

Are you familiar with WordPress SEO plugins? Websites and blogs need these tools to provide the best user experience. SEO plugin customization helps your website rank well on Google and stay ahead of the competition.



On Page SEO Services in Vancouver

On-page SEO of your business website is essential to help search engines analyze your website and the content connected to it. SEO Specialists at CDRM are skilled and have years of expertise in on-page SEO of business websites. We strictly follow the updated Search Engine Algorithms to make your website stand out from your competitors’ websites and rank at the topmost position on the SERP results. Get a free consultation call with our on-page SEO specialists and learn how they can help you in optimizing your website content for SEO.


Off Page SEO Services in Vancouver

CDRM is the well-approached SEO company in Vancouver for off-page SEO. In order to achieve a top spot in the search results, and to receive the traffic, leads, and revenue that come along with it, your business needs to optimize its off-page SEO. Off page SEO techniques are primarily associated with generating quality backlinks for your website, however it incorporates many other higher ranking friendly aspects. Book a free consultation with our team of skilled SEO experts to know how your website can stay ahead of the competition.



Technical SEO Services in Vancouver

A SEO service is more than just On-Page and Off-Page SEO work. It is primarily technical SEO that helps your website rank higher in the search engines. Our SEO specialists optimize your site according to technical SEO best practices. You will get everything done at our SEO company in Vancouver, whether it’s fixing broken links or creating sitemaps.


Website Design & Development

We design and develop all kinds of websites from a single page WordPress website to database driven custom website. For custom-designed website we offer our expertise in the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), – the mission critical aspects for a website to deliver optimum results. Our designs are responsive so that the website is adapted optimally to different devices such as mobile, tablets and desktops.


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