Website Maintenance Service

Once you have your website online, it’s time to keep it up to date. Whether it’s a regular update or a major change, our website maintenance service will keep your website fresh.

Why Does Your Website Need Maintenance?

Despite the fact that you may make most of your money from your website, you should still be able to hire the experts that are right for your business. As a consequence, for most brands, site issues can pile up, and necessary security checks are left undone. 

Your website maintenance service will ensure that necessary work is always completed, and your consumers and you alike can rest easy knowing your site is secure and its security is maintained.

Regular Updates

Our developers keep your website secure and functional with regular updates during business hours. You can add new images to your website, delete page copy, or edit a link with our website maintenance services.

Tech support

Our website maintenance plans give your company access to our stellar tech support as well. Our development team can help your business with a variety of challenges, such as setting up email. Additionally to technology support, your company will get consulting services as part of its website maintenance services.

Debugging And Error Fixes

The investigation and resolution of any issues found on the site are repaired by our tech professionals, such as a contact form not working or content that is wrongly styled.

Site Changes

Site changes in our website maintenance service include adding new site functionality and updating page layouts and styling as well as implementing new page layouts.

Installation And Configuration Of New Extensions

Installation, setup, configuration and testing of new extensions is necessary for your website. Our developers have years of experience in handling WordPress websites. We provide Installation and configuration of new extensions for your website.

Platform patches and upgrades

Our WordPress development service includes Installation, configuration & testing of platform upgrades, patches and security fixes.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring refers to a variety of activities that are carried out to test the availability of a website or service. A regular scan to monitor any threats to the site from viruses, malware or hacking. In general, it refers to any activity that checks the performance, availability, and functions of a web service or website.


WordPress backups should be performed regularly by the service, usually more than once a day. As a result, if something goes wrong, your site can be restored immediately.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the CMS of choice for many businesses, which is why our website maintenance service plans include WordPress support. As part of your package, our team manages WordPress upgrades and security patches for your business.


The purpose of data analytics is to assess traffic coverage and data on your website. The offer of a recurring service by a web development agency should ideally include assessing analytics and providing clients with detailed reports.



On Page SEO Services in Vancouver

On-page SEO of your business website is essential to help search engines analyze your website and the content connected to it. SEO Specialists at CDRM are skilled and have years of expertise in on-page SEO of business websites. We strictly follow the updated Search Engine Algorithms to make your website stand out from your competitors’ websites and rank at the topmost position on the SERP results. Get a free consultation call with our on-page SEO specialists and learn how they can help you in optimizing your website content for SEO.


Off Page SEO Services in Vancouver

CDRM is the well-approached SEO company in Vancouver for off-page SEO. In order to achieve a top spot in the search results, and to receive the traffic, leads, and revenue that come along with it, your business needs to optimize its off-page SEO. Off page SEO techniques are primarily associated with generating quality backlinks for your website, however it incorporates many other higher ranking friendly aspects. Book a free consultation with our team of skilled SEO experts to know how your website can stay ahead of the competition.



Technical SEO Services in Vancouver

A SEO service is more than just On-Page and Off-Page SEO work. It is primarily technical SEO that helps your website rank higher in the search engines. Our SEO specialists optimize your site according to technical SEO best practices. You will get everything done at our SEO company in Vancouver, whether it’s fixing broken links or creating sitemaps.


Website Design & Development

We design and develop all kinds of websites from a single page WordPress website to database driven custom website. For custom-designed website we offer our expertise in the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), – the mission critical aspects for a website to deliver optimum results. Our designs are responsive so that the website is adapted optimally to different devices such as mobile, tablets and desktops.


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    They resolved my issues within few hours which I had given to many companies but all of them are fail. They are very honest and looking for quality of work instead of money. This quality of work is really great.

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