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9 Best Website Traffic Analysis Tools To Use In 2022

Checking metrics and all aspects is vital for any business. It also applies to your website. To ensure that your site is running smoothly and generating conversions, you should use website traffic analysis tools.

Such tools can analyze traffic on your website to determine the most important patterns, prioritize the development of patterns and optimize your website.

When it comes time to use website analytics tools, many webmasters instantly think of Google Analytics and just Google Analytics.

Although Google Analytics is a robust web analytics platform and a free tool, it is not the only available tool on the market for Website traffic analysis. Many other tools can complement and enhance the capabilities of your website to generate more traffic. 

Below, we have reviewed some amazing tools for website traffic analysis, and they can be used to check and analyze your website’s traffic. 

What Is A Website Traffic Analysis?

Analyzing traffic on your website is the method of analyzing and gathering important data points that define the parameters of incoming and outgoing traffic to your website. Web traffic is the information of every person who visits your website.

While the guideline is that the more traffic you have, the better it will be for generating sales. However, higher traffic numbers by themselves don’t necessarily lead to higher leads or sales.

Website traffic analysis breakdown information using specific metrics to help you organize the data and assist you in understanding.

  • What are they doing browsing your website
  • Who’s visiting your website?
  • Most likely reasons why you’re not on your site
  • How long have they been present on your website?

Google Analytics

It is the most widely used tool for web analytics and it is part of Google. The most appealing aspect is that you access a wide range of traffic information in this free tool, including different metrics and dimensions.

It also comes with an upgrade option that is paid; however, it’s specifically designed for bigger websites. If we refer to it as larger, we mean that they’ve thousands of visitors per month and want to expand their reach for the site. For small or medium websites, the free version is adequate.

You can use it to test 

  • Location of the user, like city, country, and so on.
  • Sources of user information such as organic, direct, and paid.
  • Ecommerce Tracking for sales to monitor as well as transactions. 
  • It also tracks the value of sales.


Kissmetrics is a different website traffic analysis tool developed by Neil Patel. It is known for its ease of use. However, it is also an incredible tool that gives you information that will help you to identify data and then work with it.

Kissmetrics makes it simple to monitor the user activity conversion process and analyze the movements and trends of your website, including where you’re losing potential customers.


SEMrush is a comprehensive analysis of traffic and competition tool. Therefore, it’s the ideal tool to analyze and monitor the website’s traffic. In addition, it contributes to site monitoring and analysis through Website Maintenance.

We utilize this tool to conduct keyword research, track keywords’ ranking, and much more. If you type in a competitor’s URL, you’ll be able to see the full overview of the competitor’s traffic.

You’ll have the ability to view important metrics on websites like the amount of traffic generated monthly about time, the traffic distribution by country, the keywords that generate the most traffic, and much more.

Similar Web

SimilarWeb is a website traffic analysis tool that provides information about your competitors’ traffic and the most effective channels.

Instead of providing only traffic through search results, you’ll receive detailed reports on a site’s complete traffic strategy.

When you run a site using this tool, you’ll see an overview of the total traffic and countries by country reports.

There are engagement metrics such as bounce rate, the number of pages per visit, the average duration, and the most popular traffic ources for your website.


It is a premium and free tool by Neil Patel that offers a wealth of helpful web traffic information.

It’s simple to use, and the interface is designed for novices. If you’ve not done any research on keywords or traffic analysis, this tool will make it easy.

The feature that analyzes traffic will provide you with a thorough overview of your competitors’ traffic over time. It also tells you which keywords bring the highest amount of traffic and the most popular pages on the website.

All you need to do is type in the URL of the website you wish to research and select “Search.”


Ahrefs is among the most well-known website traffic analysis tools on the market, backed by major brands such as Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. It lets you know the amount of traffic your competitor is receiving and why they’re ranked so high.

Ahrefs analyzes more than six billion pages of web content each day and has greater than 200 million sites in their index. This tool is a hub of a huge amount of information; however, it provides useful insights that will help you beat your competition and gain more visitors.

The report on search overview gives an idea of the organic traffic a website receives, its domain authority, the most popular competition, and more.


Statcounter is among the most popular web-based analytics tools. However, the tool was extremely popular before Google Analytics was introduced to the general public.

People also use it due to some distinct attributes. You can examine the data of your segmented traffic in this application. Then, you can add multiple filters and classify the results according to your preferences.

The most fascinating and well-known feature in this tool is the live visitor function that lets you view live visitor information like where they are, the source from which they come, the way they navigate, and so on. Then, you can analyze this information and decide if your website could use enhancement.


Quantcast is another web-based analytics tool for website traffic analysis. This tool provides a range of data metrics that utilize the psychographics and demographics of the user to record data and then represent it.

This tool displays behavior reports on a scaled basis to help you create a strategy for improving your website in order to gain more visitors and converts.

It is possible to count the number of page views and unique visitors to your sites, and their reports are extremely informative.


ClickTale is a cloud-based website traffic analysis tool to measure traffic on websites, allowing users to see the size of website traffic by different metrics.

It is possible to monitor customers’ behavior and interactions on your site. It is also possible to identify web-related issues by analyzing data and enhancing your website’s appearance or user experience.

It’s capable of recording the user’s actions, interactions, and clicks on any web page. It’s really easy to use. 


There’s a huge selection of these internet-based software for traffic analysis. The main point is that whichever website traffic analysis tool you employ to track user activity and behavior, it is essential to immediately review the information you get through them and create an action plan for implementing it on your website.