Document Control

Do you live in Canada in any area like Alberta, Calgary, or Vancouver and run a business like pipelines, LPG, Oil, and Gas, or do you run an engineering company? You might be facing some problems. These problems might include document control or proper document management. If yes, then do not worry. CDRM Solutions INC is what you need. We are a company working in the document control field for years while keeping proper document management standard processes and practices in view.

CDRM Solutions INC is an IT company that uses multiple software systems, including FileNet, Mclaren, FTP Sites, Maximo, Procore, Livelink/Open Text, MS Projects, and other document control software to help you have an easy document control system to run your business smoothly. We offer both an electronic document control system and a simple document control system.

Why CDRM Solutions INC?

When we start a project, we can face multiple numbers of risks. These include financial risks which you might face due to incorrect documentation or missed deadlines. Funding till the completion of problems or management of complex documents and other such issues can cause inconvenience for you. CDRM Solutions INC is the company that can work for you while keeping proper insights of workflow and aid you from vendor selection to hiring and scheduling staff and training.

Complex Document Management

CDRM uses the electronic document management system to control all your complex documents while keeping a view of document changes. We manage both the edited and original documents side by side for the ease of the user. We store the documents in images, PDF files, and documents. We sort all the health information management and engineering documents and all the architectural maps for ease of document control.

Workflow Management

CDRM offers workflow management while keeping a view of all the progress. Business growth needs a proper analysis which we do for you. While viewing the progress, we control the budget by making wise expenditures and moving the project in the right direction. Our company aims to help you attain all the possible revenue by putting all the possible stats and a proper prediction for the project’s direction.

Transmittals Control

CDRM is a pro document control firm all over Canada. We work from managing documents to controlling them while managing the budget through the transmittal creation to their proper management. We collect all the prices from the vendors and keep proper transmittals with the documents.

Milestone Progress And Achievement Tracking

We keep a proper project maintained by keeping an eye on tracking insights. We divide the projects into milestones with an adequate view to make it easier to predict the development. After completing all the milestones, we monitor them properly to meet the deadlines.

CDRM is a company that offers you high-end tech support to grow your business. You can contact us anytime through our email for information or document control management for any business, whether it is LNG or Oil and Gas. CDRM will do Assessments, auditing to all kinds of workflow management, and document validation.